House blend

House blend

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House Blend

3 g    95° C    3 min

Robust and malty crushed-leaf breakfast tea. Made with black tea from Kenya, Assam & Sri Lanka. Infuse two grams per cup for three minutes at 95°C. Serve black or add milk to taste.

Ingredients: crushed-leaf black tea. Store in a cool, dry place, away from strong aromas and out of direct sunlight.

Kraftig och malt krossade blad frukostte. Gjord av svart te från Kenya, Assam och Sri Lanken. Låt två gram per kopp dra i tre minuter vid 95° C. Kan serveras med mjölk.

Ingredienser: svart te (camellia sinensis). Förvaras torrt och svalt, skyddas mot värme och direkt solljus. 

Brits in Sweden know that it’s hard to get a proper cuppa that tastes like home. 

That’s how we came up with our house blend that promises a proper cuppa every time. Yes, you can add milk if you must, but it’s even great enjoyed black, just how my dad likes his, or with twist of lemon.

If you’re not a fan of a malty, British style brew you can also tone this down by cooling the water before pouring it onto the tea. 

This tea is a fancy version of what you’ll find inside most teabags. Produced using the same CTC method as teabag tea, but to a much higher standard, it promises the same quick infusion time due to the large surface area of the leaf, with a more enduring and complex flavour than you’ll get from most tea bags and a beautiful warm red colour.

The blend contains tea from Kenya for colour, Assam for depth and Sri Lankan tea for complexity.