Mint Digestif

Mint Digestif

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Mint Digestif

2 g    99° C    3 min

Minty herbal blend with spearmint, ginger, lemongrass & fennel. CAFFEINE FREE Made with ingredients from Egypt and Nigeria. Infuse three grams per cup for three minutes at 99° C. Can be infused at least two times.

Ingredients: spearmint, ginger, lemongrass, fennel. Store in a cool, dry place, away from strong aromas and out of direct sunlight.

Minty örtblandning med grönmynta, ingefära, citrongräs och fänkål. KOFFEINFRI Gjord av ingredienser från Egypten och Nigeria. Låt tre gram per kopp dra i tre minuter vid 99° C. Kan bryggas minst tre gånger.

Ingredienser: grönmynta, ingefära, citrongräs och fänkål. Förvaras torrt och svalt, skyddas mot värme och direkt solljus.

And relax

We’ve just had a steamy dinner, full of good food and happy laughter. I’ve put the kettle on and brewed up this mint digestif to help us all relax and sleep well.

“I could keep drinking this forever” said my sister.
“In that case”, I said with my back to our party “I'd better make some more”.

And, voila, here is even more so that you can now drink this forever too.
Or at least until bed time, or lunch time, or, any at time you’d like something warm and minty and herbal to enjoy.

I’ll be honest, this is reasonably similar to what you might expect to buy in a minty, herbal teabag, but much, much, much better, and you deserve that.
Your tummy deserves it too!

  • Spearmint to take your mind off all that food you just ate, or might still want to eat
  • Ginger to warm you up
  • Lemongrass to cool you down and sweeten your smile just a little
  • Fennel to help your tummy smile back at you that little bit extra when you look down during dinner, or yoga, or later on in the bathroom mirror