My Grandma's Garden

My Grandma's Garden

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Grandma’s Garden

2.5 g    95° C    3 min

Delicate black tea with rose petals and cocoa shells. Made with organic black tea from Assam. Infuse two grams per cup for three minutes at 95° C.

Ingredients: black tea, rose petals, cocoa shells. Store in a cool, dry place, away from strong aromas and out of direct sunlight.

Lätt svart te med rosenblad och kakao skal. Gjord av svart te från Assam. Låt två gram per kopp, låt dra i tre minuter vid 90° C.

Ingredienser: svart te, rosenblad, kakao skal. Förvaras torrt och svalt, skyddas mot värme och direkt solljus.

Let's sit outside with a cup of tea

A very British oasis, with tea and roses and the faint chatter of someone’s lawnmower in the background.

Enjoying a cup of tea in the garden feels like a very British thing to do. and it’s a pleasure in a garden as lovely as my grandmothers, with buddlejas and roses and bees and butterflies, and a tiny pet tortoise romping across the lawn. Of course this all goes delightfully with scones and jam, and finger sandwiches cut into triangles, or biscuits. Do bring your hat just in case the sun appears, or it rains, in Britain you just never know.

Black tea (organic Assam, or non-organic Ceylon)

Cocoa shells

Rose petals