Rosé White

Rosé White

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Rosé White  

2 g    90° C    90 sec

Floral loose leaf white tea with rose petals. Made with white tea from China. Infuse two grams per cup for 90 seconds at 90°C. Can be infused at least three times.

Ingredients: white tea, rose petals. Store in a cool, dry place, away from strong aromas and out of direct sunlight.

Blommigt vitt te med rosenblad. Gjord av vitt te från Kina. Låt två gram per kopp dra i 90 sekunder vid 90° C. Kan bryggas minst tre gånger.

Ingredienser: vitt te, rosenblad. Förvaras torrt och svalt, skyddas mot värme och direkt solljus.

I’ll have rosé for breakfast please.

The choice is a selfish one. In know. But today I deserve it. 

This tea is an everyday luxury. It is made from crisp leaves and silver, fur-covered buds of white tea, blended with luxurious rose petals and nothing more. Natures finest. For a very fine day indeed!

It’s been rumoured that rose petals are good for the completion. And that white tea can make you truly feel alive. What I know is that just looking at this tea makes me happy, and drinking it makes me even happier. So of course it’s the perfect tea for you, and your friends, and their friends. Anyone who you think should have a truly rosé day.

Bai mu dan tea - White Peony - white tea from china, named for its floral aroma

Rose petals - you already know why, you are bright, I don’t need to say any more.