Two Glass Tea Cups

Two Glass Tea Cups

harriet & camellia
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Add elegance and delight to your tea drinking. 

These handmade glass tea cups are delicate and uplifting even before you fill them with tea. Drinking tea from them is like holding a radiant bubble of tea. They are perfect for serving tea to guests, or adding some delight into your daily tea drinking. 

The double wall keeps the tea warm, or cold, so take care when drinking, the liquid inside may be warmer than you expect. 

Each cup is hand made so no two cups are identical. In Japanese tea drinking it is customary to look for tiny imperfections or beauty spots in each item. They are a sign of its unique character and a connection between you and the maker. 

Each glass cup holds 30 ml - 45 ml of tea.
Outside dimensions are approximately 6.5 cm across, 4 cm high.
Inside dimensions are approximately 5.5 cm across, 3 cm high.

Handle with care. 

Sold in sets of two.