Online Private Tea Tasting

Online Private Tea Tasting

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Book an online tea tasting for yourself or a group of friends.

Just add water. And a good internet connection!

We'll ship the tea tasting selection of your choice to your home address then book a time to meet online and tase tea together over the web. 

During a 60-120 minute private tea tasting session you'll be introduced to the world of Camellia Sinensis, learn how to taste tea, and be guided through a selection of teas which showcase tea at its best.

Prices are based on shipping your tea tasting selection to just one address. If you'd like to share your tea tasting with friends in multiple locations then sampels to additional locations can be arranged. You'll each need a kettle! Please note that the mineral content in the water in different locations will slightly effect the taste of the tea. 

The details of your tea tasting will be confirmed by email. Please contact me before booking to reserve a specific date if desired. Email me at: