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Tuesdays 5, 12, 19 November 
18:00 - 20:30
Tea for Beginners - 3 evening workshops
Folkuniversitet, Helsingborg, Sweden  BOOK HERE


About our events & workshops

Enjoy good tea with others! Book your place at an event or workshop. You will have the chance to taste a range of teas, learn from a tea professional, and meet others who want to learn more about tea.

Would you like us to co-host a tea event for you or your business?
Contact us by email for more information. 

If you're in Sweden... we run a range of tea workshops with Folkuniversitet in Skåne. Follow the links above or visit their website to find out more. Folkuniversitet

Want to improve your customer satisfaction?
Contact us to arrange a private tea training day for those of you in the food and beverage industry. You'll learn how to choose the best tea supplier for your business, how to brew tea to perfection and everything you need to know when serving tea to leave your customers satisfied and eager to come back again. 

Please email us to book a private workshop or consultation.
Minimum fee is 650 SEK for a 1-2 hour session. 






"I've learnt so much. I feel like I just want to keep going!"
Tea for Beginners, evening workshops
Folkuniversitetet, Helsingborg, Sweden


MAY 2019 

19 May
"I really love these pairings, I couldn't believe how much it changed the taste!"
Chocolate! Pairing Chocolates & Teas - a delightful combination
Exploring flavours with Te Kulturen & Malmö Chokladfabrik - FREE public event
Te Kulturen, Lund, Sweden
   "I've certainly enjoyed myself, and who would have thought that tea and cheese could be such a good match!"

Cheese! Pairing Cheeses & Teas - a tasty combination
Exploring flavours with Te Kulturen & Ostabengtson - public event
Te Kulturen, Lund, Sweden

"This has just been delightful. The teas worked so well with the food and it was so useful too hear those tips, for example how to brew green teas."
Afternoon Tea with Tea Tasting
A Swedish take on a classic afternoon tea, with tea and food pairings
Fredriksdals Trädgårdskafé, Helsingborg, Sweden 



APRIL 2019

"Thank you for an inspirational, educational and enjoyable afternoon!"
Tea Tasting & Afternoon Tea - private event
Te Kulturen, Lund, Sweden

MARCH 2019
"Thanks again for a really enjoyable and informative evening! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed it!"
Tea Tasting Challenge - Helsingborg International Connections - public event
Drottninggatan, Helsingborg, Sweden
"I had no idea that there was so much to tea! I've started looking at tea in a whole new way."
Taste Tea a New Way - private lecture and tea tasting
Helsingborg, Sweden
"I thought I knew a lot already but I learnt even more!"
British Tea Culture - Tesällskapet - private lecture with tea and cake
Mat- & chokladstudion, Malmö, Sweden
"Even the people who had never been interested in teas were really engaged and interested in learning more."
Tea Tasting - short presentation
MindPark, Helsingborg, Sweden
"I have a totally new appreciation for tea."
Taste Tea a New Way - public lecture and tea tasting
Think OpenSpace, Helsingborg, Sweden